Press release – Clean drinking water for Africa: With his kite project Constantin Bisanz supports the charity organization Global H2O

Berlin, Germany/Teller, Alaska/USA, 27th July 2011 – Kiting for a good cause: With his participation in the Maurice Lacroix Bering Strait Expedition Constantin Bisanz calls for donating for clean drinking water. He is an active supporter of the internationally operating charity organization Global H2O.

Global H2O is an initiative of „The Wilde Foundation“, an international non-profit organization aiming at building clean water and sanitary facilities for rural population worldwide. The lack of clean drinking water is one of the biggest health risks in developing countries.

“Water is my element – I couldn’t live my passion, kite boarding, without it. Because of this special relationship I am supporting globalH2O: They give clean drinking water to those who need it,” describes Constantin Bisanz his decision.

A donation of only 20 USD secures a lifelong supply of clean drinking water for a person, 150 UDS even for a whole family. Please donate here:

Pure adventure on the Bering Strait

During the latest attempt for the crossing a 70 km/h storm came up with five meter high waves. Constantin’s leash ripped, his board and Geza’s kite broke, they lost their GPS and all other communication tools. Luckily, they were rescued by their supporting team out of the only 2 degree cold water. Now they are waiting in their base camp for better conditions and the next attempt.

The expedition live on the web

Follow the expedition live at and on There you find recent blog entries as well as photos and videos about the project.

Constantin Bisanz on Facebook:
Constantin Bisanz on Twitter:!/conbis
More information on Global H2O:

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Download the press release here: Press release Constantin Bisanz_Charity

Pressemitteilung – Sauberes Trinkwasser für Afrika: Constantin Bisanz unterstützt mit seinem Kite-Projekt die Charity-Organisation Global H2O

Berlin, Deutschland/Teller, Alaska/USA, 27. Juli 2011 – Kiten für den guten Zweck: Constantin Bisanz ruft mit seiner Teilnahme an der Maurice Lacroix Bering Strait Expedition dazu auf, für sauberes Trinkwasser in Entwicklungsländern zu spenden. Er ist aktiver Unterstützer der international agierenden Charity-Organisation Global H2O.

Global H2O ist eine weltweite Initiative der „Wilde Foundation“, eine internationale, Non-Profit-Organisation mit dem Ziel, reines Wasser und Sanitäranlagen für die ländliche Bevölkerung auf der ganzen Welt zu errichten. Denn der Mangel an sauberem Trinkwasser ist eines der größten Gesundheitsrisiken in Entwicklungsländern.

„Wasser ist mein Element – ohne Wasser könnte ich meiner Leidenschaft dem Kite Surfen nicht nachkommen. Durch diese besondere Verbundenheit unterstütze ich Global H2O, weil sie Menschen in Entwicklungsländern den Zugang zu sauberem Trinkwasser ermöglichen“, beschreibt Constantin Bisanz seine Entscheidung.

Mit einer Spende von nur 20 USD erhält eine Person ein Leben lang Zugang zu sauberem Trinkwasser. Mit 150 USD sogar eine ganze Familie. Spenden Sie hier:

Abenteuer pur auf der Beringstraße

Beim jüngsten Versuch der Überquerung der Beringstraße zog ein Sturm auf – mit Windböen von bis zu 70 km/h und fünf Meter hohen Wellen. Constantins Kite Board zerbrach und versank im Ozean, seine Halterleine riss und alle Kommunikationsgeräte sowie das GPS funktionierten nicht mehr. Zum Glück konnten er und seine beiden Mitstreiter Geza und André Scholtz von ihrem Begleit-Team aus dem nur 2°C kalten Wasser gefischt und sicher an Land gebracht werden. Nun warten sie im Basislager auf gute Bedingungen für den nächsten Versuch.


Die Expedition live im Web

Fiebern Sie live mit auf sowie auf Dort finden Sie aktuelle Blogeinträge sowie Fotos und Videos zum Projekt.

Constantin Bisanz bei Facebook:

Constantin Bisanz bei Twitter:!/conbis

Weitere Informationen zu Global H2O finden Sie auf


wbpr GmbH
Anne-Katrin Steinke
Münchner Str. 20
85774 Unterföhring
Tel.: 089-99 59 06-46
Mobil: 0176-12 99 12 46

Die Pressemitteilung zum Download finden Sie hier: PM Constantin Bisanz_Charity


Please support Global H2O

Being a passionate kiter, water is my element. That is why I am an active supporter of the international charity organization Global H2O, which is an initiative of „The Wilde Foundation“, a non-profit organization aiming at building clean water and sanitary facilities for rural population worldwide. As you’re probably aware, the lack of clean drinking water is one of the biggest health risks in developing countries.

So please help: A donation of only 20 USD secures a lifelong supply of clean drinking water for a person, 150 USD even for a whole family. You can donate here:


Thank you in advance for your support!

Test run with the boats

Check out a video of our first test run with the boats from Teller to Wales. Our boat crew is very professional and trained for rescuing, as you learned in my last post 🙂

Had some trouble yesterday

Recovering from an interesting kite-experience I had in the middle of the Bering Sea yesterday: 70 km/h storm picking up to more; monster waves came up like houses – up to 5 meters – my board broke and disappeared in the ocean, my leash ripped, Geza’s kite broke, lost my GPS, and all other communication tools broke down also… Happy when our fabulous Rescue Team managed to pull us out of the 2°C cold water,..feeling good now and preparing the next attempt.

PS: don’t tell my Mom 😉

Foto: Maurice Lacroix Bering Strait Expedition

Finally – images from Alaska

Here you find some pictures of our team, tons of luggage and even some snow in July 🙂

Geza, André and me in our beautiful kiting suits – believe it or not, they keep really warm, even in 2 degree cold water.

That’s me and some packages in a small, small plane

Snow in the middle of summer – nice!

Tons of luggage have to be moved for our trip

A cute little Inuit girl

The adventure continues

Guys, we almost made it: During our first try to do the crossing, we made 80 km within record time of only 2 hours 15 minutes. We already saw the Russian coast, only 20 km left and going fast – about 40 km/h on our kite boards – when suddenly a really strong currency drove us into a wind pocket and foggy walls behind the Russian islands. At some points I couldn’t even see Geza and André or our boats – scary!

With no wind left there was no chance to go on, there were times when we were lying for 30 minutes in 2 degree cold water – which was really scary too. We tried restarting the kites but didn’t succeed.

The whole trip took us six hours, in the end we were completely soaked and freezing. A violent storm came up when we returned to Alaska with ice-cold water and breaking waves. About 200 meters in front of the coast we had to jump off the boats and swim the last distance with our sleeping bags in hand (waterproof packed). The strong wind and waves drove us 500 meters south to where we were actually about to land – it was like Navi Seal training!

Under those conditions there was no chance for the boats to land in Wales, so they had to drive 100 km to Teller and land there – in storm and four meter high waves.

Back in the base camp, our school in Wales, we were really exhausted but still “hungry” and immediately checked when we can go for the next try.

If all goes well, the wind turns and the storm ceases during the next few days. We have to wait until the sea calms down – and with good winds we will be out there again, sure that we can make it. I keep you posted!

Ready, steady, GO!

The trio started for Russia! Here are some impressions of Boris the camera man: 17 knots wind, 10 degrees Celsius, bright sunshine, moving clouds and small waves – and the certainty that they’re gonna make it. At 11:23  local time the three adventurers (you could even call them insane) started kiting for a new world record. In case they have enough strength left in their arms and fuel in the tanks of their accompanying boats they will return to Alaska straight away – on the same route they came. No one has ever done this before!

Quote Constantin: „That’s what I’ve been working for the last eleven years – go on kiting no matter the wind and waves – let’s rock Russia!”. Quote Geza: “I’m so excited – but we’re kiting and not chicken out!” Quote André: “Let’s go – I wanna prove everyone that we can make it!”