Press release – Clean drinking water for Africa: With his kite project Constantin Bisanz supports the charity organization Global H2O

Berlin, Germany/Teller, Alaska/USA, 27th July 2011 – Kiting for a good cause: With his participation in the Maurice Lacroix Bering Strait Expedition Constantin Bisanz calls for donating for clean drinking water. He is an active supporter of the internationally operating charity organization Global H2O.

Global H2O is an initiative of „The Wilde Foundation“, an international non-profit organization aiming at building clean water and sanitary facilities for rural population worldwide. The lack of clean drinking water is one of the biggest health risks in developing countries.

“Water is my element – I couldn’t live my passion, kite boarding, without it. Because of this special relationship I am supporting globalH2O: They give clean drinking water to those who need it,” describes Constantin Bisanz his decision.

A donation of only 20 USD secures a lifelong supply of clean drinking water for a person, 150 UDS even for a whole family. Please donate here:

Pure adventure on the Bering Strait

During the latest attempt for the crossing a 70 km/h storm came up with five meter high waves. Constantin’s leash ripped, his board and Geza’s kite broke, they lost their GPS and all other communication tools. Luckily, they were rescued by their supporting team out of the only 2 degree cold water. Now they are waiting in their base camp for better conditions and the next attempt.

The expedition live on the web

Follow the expedition live at and on There you find recent blog entries as well as photos and videos about the project.

Constantin Bisanz on Facebook:
Constantin Bisanz on Twitter:!/conbis
More information on Global H2O:

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Download the press release here: Press release Constantin Bisanz_Charity

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