Press release – Departure for the big adventure Alaska

Today Constantin Bisanz heads off for the Bering Strait

Berlin, 10th July 2011 – The adventure finally starts: After several months of preparation and training, Constantin Bisanz and his two companions, the brothers Geza and André Scholtz, set out for Alaska. Their objective: Being the first to cross the Bering Strait from Alaska to Russia – surfing on a kiteboard.

It is the world’s roughest and coldest part of the ocean, characterised by unpredictable currents, strong winds and water temperatures of only 2 degree Celsius. Nevertheless, the trio faces the adventure of the Maurice Lacroix Bering Strait Expedition.

Once arrived in Alaska they have to set up their base camp, get prepared and wait for the right weather conditions. “We might start after only two days or after six weeks. Waiting for the day with the best wind and weather conditions is the greatest challenge for now, apart from the sportive strain”, says Constantin Bisanz. “But we are confident and really looking forward to the challenge!”

The expedition live on the web

Follow the expedition live at and on There you find recent blog entries as well as photos and videos about the project.

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