Press release – Pure Adventure: Kitesurfing from Alaska to Russia

Founder of brands4friends, Constantin Bisanz, intends to cross the Bering Strait by kiteboard


Berlin, July 8, 2011 – It is the world’s roughest, windiest and coldest part of the ocean: The Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia. Constantin Bisanz, successful entrepreneur and serial-founder of known companies such as the online community brands4friends, intends to cross it on a kiteboard. The flight to Alaska, departs this coming Sunday, July 10.

Together with two companions, the brothers Geza and André Scholtz (Switzerland), the Austrian takes part in the Maurice Lacroix Bearing Strait Expedition and so faces extreme challenges: A distance of approx. 100 km has to be mastered on a kiteboard – that is six to eight hours fighting the arctic weather conditions. Due to its unpredictable currents, strong winds, arctic water temperature of only 2 °C, and bad visibility conditions, the Bering Sea is known as the roughest sea of the world. Several months of athletic training were necessary for the adventurers to prepare themselves for the extreme physical strain.

Within a timeframe of six weeks from their arrival in Alaska the extreme athletes have to make the crossing – for only within this period the Bering Strait is ice-free and passable.

Being an entrepreneur means “getting things done”

“For this risky expedition, the focus lies on team spirit, trust, and the desire to overcome extreme obstacles, but it is also fun. The same goes for my business challenges – founding and establishing companies”, Constantin describes his motivation.

About Constantin Bisanz

The 37-year-old Austrian Constantin Bisanz is a successful entrepreneur and has already founded five companies. At the beginning of 2011 he sold brands4friends, his most successful project so far, to eBay – for the record-breaking amount of USD 220 million – only three years after its establishment. He was given the title “German Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Harvard Business School Association.

Kiteboarding is Constantin’s second passion besides his entrepreneurial undertakings. Ten years ago, when the sport was still in its infancy, he was already on the board. He has just completed a six-month journey around the globe to numerous kiteboarding spots. Constantin Bisanz is an active promoter of environmental protection and protection of the oceans.

The expedition live on the web

Follow the expedition live at and on There you find recent blog entries as well as photos and videos about the project.

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