Ready, steady, GO!

The trio started for Russia! Here are some impressions of Boris the camera man: 17 knots wind, 10 degrees Celsius, bright sunshine, moving clouds and small waves – and the certainty that they’re gonna make it. At 11:23  local time the three adventurers (you could even call them insane) started kiting for a new world record. In case they have enough strength left in their arms and fuel in the tanks of their accompanying boats they will return to Alaska straight away – on the same route they came. No one has ever done this before!

Quote Constantin: „That’s what I’ve been working for the last eleven years – go on kiting no matter the wind and waves – let’s rock Russia!”. Quote Geza: “I’m so excited – but we’re kiting and not chicken out!” Quote André: “Let’s go – I wanna prove everyone that we can make it!”