The adventure continues

Guys, we almost made it: During our first try to do the crossing, we made 80 km within record time of only 2 hours 15 minutes. We already saw the Russian coast, only 20 km left and going fast – about 40 km/h on our kite boards – when suddenly a really strong currency drove us into a wind pocket and foggy walls behind the Russian islands. At some points I couldn’t even see Geza and André or our boats – scary!

With no wind left there was no chance to go on, there were times when we were lying for 30 minutes in 2 degree cold water – which was really scary too. We tried restarting the kites but didn’t succeed.

The whole trip took us six hours, in the end we were completely soaked and freezing. A violent storm came up when we returned to Alaska with ice-cold water and breaking waves. About 200 meters in front of the coast we had to jump off the boats and swim the last distance with our sleeping bags in hand (waterproof packed). The strong wind and waves drove us 500 meters south to where we were actually about to land – it was like Navi Seal training!

Under those conditions there was no chance for the boats to land in Wales, so they had to drive 100 km to Teller and land there – in storm and four meter high waves.

Back in the base camp, our school in Wales, we were really exhausted but still “hungry” and immediately checked when we can go for the next try.

If all goes well, the wind turns and the storm ceases during the next few days. We have to wait until the sea calms down – and with good winds we will be out there again, sure that we can make it. I keep you posted!