Today we are totally stoked – we broke world records

We are the first people who reached the international dateline by kiteboard in the direction Alaska to Russia.

We are also the fastest who achieved this approximately 70 kilometer distance with speeds of up to 40km/h without using a motor engine – only using the power of the wind and our body strength.

When we started our 3rd attempt the conditions worked perfectly for us – but as usual in the Bering Strait the weather changed from one extreme to the other in seconds – heavy fog, waves, super gusty winds and currents from 3 different directions.

Check out the movie of our successful attempt. We are really proud of what we have accomplished.

It was more than just setting up a record: our expedition was an amazing adventure. From dangerous situations out in the Bering Sea , heavy weather conditions and logistical challenges to a unique and also great fun team experience.

This success would not have been possible without our great support team and all of you – who also believed in this crazy dream! For sure we will never forget this trip! 😉